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Ontropy.org has moved to a new server and is undergoing major updates, the database is currently unavailable.

Welcome to Ontropy.org, the personal website of Brian Millar. I design & develop Free Software projects and created this site as a home for these projects and their related documentation and to post articles and other content. My current focus and attention is on developing three major projects; an HTML5 Web Desktop, a 3D Game Engine and a complete new Operating System. Almost all of my projects relate in some way to these three core, long-term projects. I release numerous smaller projects but most are designed in some way to further the progress of the main three. To learn more about my projects click here. I also create some media content that can be found here.

Feel free to email me if you wish for any reason or no reason at brianmillar@protonmail.ch.

The source code for Ontropy.org can be found at https://github.com/brianmillar/Ontropy.org.
For more information about the site click here.