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Curriculum Vitae / Résumé

I am not currently seeking employment but I keep this page up to date and you are welcome to view my CV and contact me if you wish.

Welcome to my CV portal. Thank you for your interest. There are currently two distinct versions of my CV, a technical version and a non-technical version. The technical version is loaded with detailed technical information designed for applying for software development positions and similar roles. The non-technical version has a lot less technical details and focuses more on my non-IT background and it is crafted for non-IT related job applications. Both versions can be found here, if you are an employer who has received an application with one version you are more than welcome to take a look at the alternate version.

Note: The "View" option on the documents below will open the document in a new browser tab, for formats supported by your browser they will be displayed. For documents where the format is not supported your browser will download the document instead so for many of these files the "View" and "Download" options are the same.

The LaTeX source code and all the scripts to generate, build and convert my CV can be found at https://github.com/brianmillar/CV.

Last Updated: 17/07/17